Apple releases security update to remedy Mac flaw

Apple releases security update to remedy Mac flaw
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Apple on Wednesday issued a security update to fix a vulnerability in the latest MacOS operating system that allowed anyone to gain access to a computer without a password.

Cybersecurity researchers discovered the vulnerability in the MacOS High Sierra operating system and publicized it on Tuesday, sending Apple scrambling to find a fix.


According to Turkish researcher Lemi Orhan Ergin, the security flaw allows would-be attackers to log into a system as a “root” user and leave the password field blank. After making several log-in attempts, the individual can gain access to the system.

Before releasing the update Wednesday, Apple instructed users to set a root password to protect their systems from unauthorized entry.

The security update has been publicized by the Department of Homeland Security’s computer emergency readiness team, which encouraged users to apply it in order to secure their systems.