Obama: Even Michelle’s answer on war ‘is no’

President Obama acknowledged Monday that even his wife, Michelle, is skeptical of having the U.S. become embroiled in another overseas military conflict. [WATCH VIDEO]

{mosads}Obama, in a number of television interviews taped Monday, used his wife to drive home the point that he understands most Americans remain skeptical of his proposal for a limited strike in Syria. 

“If you ask somebody, if you ask Michelle, ‘Do we – do we ant to be involved in another war? The answer is no,” Obama told NBC. “People are wary about it, understandably.”

The administration has consistently made the point that any action would be limited in scope, and it has denied that it would constitute a war. 

In a separate interview with CBS, Obama said he didn’t expect his address to the nation on Tuesday would “swing the polls” toward support for strikes. 

“I don’t expect that it’s going to suddenly swing the polls wildly in the direction of another military engagement. If you ask the average person, including my household, ‘Do we need another military engagement?’ I think the answer generally is going be no,” he said. 

Obama faces an uphill battle in convincing the public of his plan to use military force in Syria after the administration concluded that President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against his own people late last month. 

Approval of a resolution remains uncertain in both chambers of Congress. According to The Hill’s whip count, the Senate is heading toward a tight vote while public opposition in the House has gained increased traction. 

Nearly half a dozen polls released Monday show public opposition to a strike has actually increased since last week as the administration has made the case for a strike.

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