Poll: Most say Afghan war not worth fighting

Two-thirds of the public believes the war in Afghanistan has not been worth fighting, according to a new poll.

Washington Post/ABC News poll found a record 50 percent of respondents “strongly” believe the 12-year war was not worth fighting, and 66 percent felt it was not worth the cost.


The negative response to the Afghan war in the latest poll is 1 percentage point lower than the record disapproval in July.

A majority of respondents in the Post/ABC News poll have felt the war was not worth fighting since 2010.

But the public nevertheless supports keeping some U.S. presence in Afghanistan after 2014, when U.S. and NATO forces are set to hand off control of security to the Afghans.

The United States is trying to get a bilateral security agreement with Afghanistan signed, but so far, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has objected. The agreement would allow an estimated 8,000-10,000 troops remain in Afghanistan after 2014 in a training role.

The poll found 55 percent of respondents thought the U.S. should remove most forces but keep some there for training, while 41 percent thought all U.S. forces should be removed.