US: Afghanistan orders release of 65 'dangerous' detainees

Afghanistan has now announced it will release 65 of 88 Afghan detainees that the United States deems dangerous and played a role in killing and wounding dozens of American and coalition forces. 

The U.S. military in Afghanistan immediately condemned the move, saying that their release would be a major step backward for the rule of law in Afghanistan. 

Previously released detainees have returned to the fight, and this release will allow dangerous insurgents back into Afghan cities and villages, U.S. Forces-Afghanistan said in a statement. 


"This release violates agreements between the U.S. and Afghanistan. We have made clear our judgment that these individuals should be prosecuted under Afghan law," officials said. 

The U.S. has provided extensive information on each of the 88 detainees to the Afghan Review Board, the government body reviewing their cases, as well as the Afghan National Directorate of Security and the Attorney General's office. 

"The release of 65 detainees is a legitimate force protection concern for the lives of both coalition troops and Afghan National Security Forces," the statement said. "The primary weapon of choice for these individuals is the improvised explosive device, widely recognized as the primary cause of civilian casualties in Afghanistan."

Last month, 34 received release orders, but none have been released yet, officials said Tuesday. The individuals are being held at the Afghan National Detention Facility at Parwan.