Herman Cain: I'd want to be Defense secretary

Herman Cain might have dropped his outsider bid for the White House, but now he’s eyeing a new job: Defense secretary.

Cain, the business executive who suspended his presidential campaign last month amid allegations of an affair and sexual harassment, said in an interview with Barbara Walters he’d want to run the Pentagon.

When asked what Cabinet position he would want, Cain said, “Totally, totally hypothetical: Department of Defense.”


“What?” Walters responded, clearly surprised. “Not Treasury? I mean, you’re the 9-9-9 guy.”

Cain said he wanted to be Defense secretary to help rebuild the military “the way it should be.”

Walters said that to run the Pentagon, he would need a strong knowledge of foreign countries, and reminded him, “You have had some difficulty with that.”

“I have been doing my homework ever since that difficulty,” Cain said.

In the interview, Cain also acknowledged that it was unlikely any of the GOP presidential candidates would choose him as a running mate because “the spin of the spin would start all over again.”

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