Will Pentagon 'crowdsource' name of Iraq operation?

Although the president has authorized the deployment of about 905 U.S. troops to Iraq, and the military is now conducting airstrikes and airdrops there, the operations still have no official name.

The lack of a name led to some interesting back-and-forth between curious reporters and Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren at the Defense Department's daily briefing on Tuesday.

Reporter #1: Back to Iraq, Does DOD have a name for the operation? 


Warren: This is so far not a named operation.

Reporter #1: Why is that? What's the protocol?

Warren: I don't know, frankly, why we decide to name things. That's a good question.

Reporter #2: Are there any legal authorities that come along with the naming of an operation, or is that purely just a -- flourish that the Department likes to add?

Reporter #3: Is it unusual to do a military operation without a name? Because it certainly seems that way to us.

Warren: Yea. These are good questions, I'll have to look into that one for you, I hadn't really thought about it.


Reporter #4: Is that [Defense Secretary Chuck HagelCharles (Chuck) Timothy HagelWhile our foes deploy hypersonic weapons, Washington debates about funding Hillicon Valley: Democrats request counterintelligence briefing | New pressure for election funding | Republicans urge retaliation against Chinese hackers National security leaders, advocacy groups urge Congress to send election funds to states MORE]'s choice, or [U.S. Central Command commander Gen. Lloyd Austin's] choice? Or do you know who's the 'naming authority' [laughter from reporters].

Warren: The initial naming authority I would say rarely is named out of the [Office of the Secretary of Defense] side, so it's the military -- the uniformed side that would do it, so either CENTCOM or the Joint Staff.

Reporter #3: What will you call it five years from now when you reference it?

Warren: Actually, perhaps we'll crowdsource this one.

Suggested names on Twitter so far: