Report: Fewer veterans serving in Congress

The number of military veterans serving in Congress has been steadily dropping, according to a new analysis. 

According to the nonpartisan Veterans Campaign, 183 of the 865 major party candidates up for election to Congress this year have military experience, Military Times reported Monday


The number represents the first time in recent memory that fewer than 200 veterans ran for Congress, which could drop the total number of veterans serving to under 100 for the first time since 1950s, the Military Times reported. 

According to Veterans Campaign Executive Director Seth Lynn, there are currently 106 veterans in Congress. 

“We’re used to seeing this steady decrease every two years, but this could be an even steeper drop than we normally expect,” Lynn said. “This is going to be the election that puts us below earlier levels.”

But despite the overall drop in veterans running for office, a higher number of candidates from the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are funning for Congress — 46 of the 183. 

Lynn said he thinks being a military veteran helps candidates. 

“All other things being equal, being a veteran is going to help,” he said. “It’s not the first thing voters will think about, but if they’re worried about military action overseas, then a veteran is likely to pick up some extra votes because of his or her knowledge.”