Issa wants Pentagon briefing on Colombia scandal

The Secret Service and Pentagon are both conducting investigations into the incident at Cartagena, Colombia, where a dozen military personnel and Secret Service agents who were on President Obama’s advance team face allegations of bringing prostitutes back to their hotel rooms.


While Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan has personally briefed leaders of key congressional committees, McCain has been unhappy with the Pentagon’s communication to Congress over its investigation.

McCain told reporters Tuesday that Panetta did not “sufficiently understand the role of the Armed Services Committee” when asked why he hadn’t yet received a DOD briefing.

But after McCain and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) were briefed Wednesday, McCain blasted the information he received. He said in a statement that the briefers from the Joint Staff were "woefully unprepared to answer even the most basic questions” and provided “appallingly little new information other than the mechanics and timeline of the ongoing investigation.”

Issa and Cummings said they wanted the Defense Department to explain what it knows so far about possible misconduct, violations of laws and if similar incidents had occurred previously.