Coalition conducts 55 airstrikes against ISIS

U.S.-led forces conducted 55 airstrikes against Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria over the weekend, according to Central Command officials.

In Syria, U.S. aircraft carried out 17 strikes near the border town of Kobani, Central Command said in a statement Monday. 


The Kurdish town, situated just miles from Turkey, has been in danger of falling to militants from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) for months, raising questions about the Obama administration’s strategy.

The strikes destroyed a number of ISIS targets, including three tanks, an armored personnel carrier and seven tactical units, officials said. They also targeted six of the terror group’s “fighting positions” and damaged a building occupied by ISIS.

Near the Syrian town of Ar Raqqah, nine airstrikes hit an ISIS “electronic warfare garrison,” a military site, a radar jamming system, one tank and 14 vehicles, officials said.

The U.S. also struck a target associated with the Khorasan Group near Aleppo.

The Pentagon describes the group as "a network of veteran al Qaeda operatives" and claims its members are plotting external attacks against the U.S. and its allies.

Forces also hammered ISIS in Iraq, where the group has captured towns in the north of the country and threatened the capital of Baghdad this summer.

U.S. warplanes carried out 13 airstrikes near Mosul, eliminating several ISIS fighting units, as well as three armored vehicles, two trucks and a bulldozer.

The strikes also destroyed “heavy weapons ... [including] two heavy machine guns, a mortar position and an anti-aircraft artillery emplacement as well as an ISIL-occupied building and a tunnel entrance,” officials said, using an alternate name for the terror group.

Airstrikes were also executed near Sinjar, Tal Afar, Hit, Tal Talab, Tikrit, Kirkuk and Ramandi, according to Central Command.

The fighter and remotely piloted aircraft used in the airstrikes all returned safely, officials said.