Obama threatens to veto defense appropriations bill

“By adding unrequested funding for defense, the House of Representatives departs from the bipartisan understanding reached a year ago,” the Office of Management and Budget wrote in a statement of administration policy.


The Obama administration objected to other changes that were made in the defense spending bill, but it did not threaten to veto the legislation over them.

The White House issued a similar veto threat regarding the defense authorization bill that passed the full House already, though that threat also got into detainee policy and missile defense.

In addition to the complaints over the overall size of the bill, the administration laid out issues with several of the funding changes the Appropriations Committee made.

In particular, the administration objected to the committee stopping the retirement of aircraft that the Pentagon included in its budget this year. Those included the Global Hawk Block 30 drone, C-27J cargo planes and the C-23 aircraft.

The administration also complained that the committee eliminated funding for the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS), blocked proposed increases to TRICARE fees, and limited funds for transferring terror detainees.

The House Rules Committee was approving the rule for the defense appropriations bill Thursday, and it’s expected to be taken up in the full House in July when Congress returns from recess.