Navistar withdraws protest over JLTV decision

Navistar’s protest, filed on Friday, would have put the competition on hold indefinitely while the Government Accountability Office (GAO) conducted a review of the selection.


Navistar spokeswoman Elissa Koc said in an email that the Friday protest filing was driven by timing, as it gave the company time over the weekend to further review the contract decision after it received a debrief from the government.

Koc said that while Navistar had some initial concerns over the selection, “following further internal review over the weekend, the company decided this morning to withdraw its filing.”

The JLTV program, which was almost scuttled last year in Congress until the requirements were changed to lower the cost of each vehicle, is a major new program for both the Army and Marines amid the Pentagon’s budget cuts that have tightened procurement budgets.

Koc said that while Navistar is not participating in the EMD phase of the JLTV program, the company will still look at getting back into the competition once it reaches the production phase.