Netanyahu: US public turning against Iran deal

Netanyahu: US public turning against Iran deal
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Americans are turning against President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran after learning its details.

“This deal, the more you learn about it, the opposition to it increases,” he said during a conference with diplomatic correspondents in Jerusalem, according to Haaretz. “As people know more about it, they become more opposed to it.


“This is also true about the American public,” he added. “The debate in the U.S. is important, and you can see the shift.”

The nuclear deal announced on July 14 eases economic sanctions on Iran in exchange for greater restrictions on its nuclear program.

Netanyahu, a long-standing opponent of the negotiations and deal, charged Thursday that the agreement threatens peace worldwide.

“This is no longer an Israeli issue,” he said. “There are people who aren’t even Jews and aren’t even Israel supporters who see that this is a problem of the region, of the world and of the U.S.”

Netanyahu cited Sunni Arab opposition to the agreement.

“Messages from most of the Sunni regimes in the area are reaching me through all the possible channels who not only oppose the deal, but some of them are even horrified by it,” he said.

Netanyahu is meeting with more than 40 members of Congress in Israel next month to discuss the agreement. They're visiting during a 60-day period for Congress to review the agreement and pass a resolution either approving or disapproving of the deal.

Obama has threatened a veto if the GOP-led Congress votes to reject the accord, so opponents would need two-thirds majorities in both chambers to override the president.

One recent poll shows that support for the deal is weakening.

A Secure America Now sampling released on Wednesday reported that 45 percent of registered voters want Congress to reject the deal.

The organization said that number marks an 8-point increase since June.