Liberal national security group launches Iran ad, video game

“My friends and I — I think we deserve an answer,” the vet says.


Stephanie Dryer, a spokeswoman for the Truman Project, said the group plans to run the ad on CNN for Monday’s debate, and will have future buys as well. She declined to say how much is being spent on the ad campaign.

The Truman Project also released a video game Friday with the ad, which lets players be the president in a confrontation with Iran.

The game is a “choose your own adventure” scenario with options such as whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities unilaterally or with a coalition.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there’s no way to avoid U.S. casualties, Iranian retaliation and massive regional escalations in the game. The video game underscores the Truman Project’s ad campaign messaging that Republicans are risking a repeat of Iraq with even larger consequences by threatening to go into Iran.

The Iran issue promises to play a big role in Monday’s foreign policy debate, as Mitt Romney has criticized President Obama for not taking a strong enough line against Iran’s nuclear program.

“We have Iran four years closer to a nuclear bomb,” Romney said at Tuesday’s debate.

Democrats argue that the Obama administration has inflicted damage on Tehran through sanctions, and say that Obama will prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, including with military action if necessary.

“What more can the president do?” Vice President Biden said at his debate last week. “Stand before the United Nations, tell the whole world, directly communicate to the ayatollah: We will not let them acquire a nuclear weapon, period.”