Afghans say no negotiations with Haqqani Network

"We don't want any kind of deal with the Haqqanis, who were behind many of the attacks on Afghan security forces and civilians including women and children," Faizi said.


“We have certain negotiating conditions with armed opposition groups but the Haqqanis do not meet the criteria and they are in the service of a foreign spy agency," he said.

The Haqqani Network’s leaders say the group is closely aligned with the Taliban in Afghanistan, and they criticized the U.S. terror designation as proof the United States was insincere about peace efforts, according to Reuters.

The Haqqanis remain one of the biggest hurdles in the U.S. plan in Afghanistan, in both current fighting and post-2014 plans, as U.S. officials say there are ties between the Haqqani Network and Pakistani intelligence.

The Haqqanis have also been behind some of the major attacks in Afghanistan this year, operating out of Pakistan’s territory.