Pentagon says Canada will triple trainers in northern Iraq

Pentagon says Canada will triple trainers in northern Iraq
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The Pentagon announced Monday that Canada is tripling the number of its troops training Iraqi forces in Northern Iraq as part of the campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. 


In addition, Canada is doubling its intelligence effort, and expanding humanitarian and development contributions. While the country has stopped airstrikes against ISIS, it will help refuel coalition aircraft as well as contribute surveillance aircraft. 

The announcement comes just ahead of a counter-ISIS coalition meeting in Brussels on Thursday, when Defense Secretary Ash Carter is expected ask  counterparts from 27 allies and partners to do more in the fight against the terrorist group. 

"We welcome other countries looking at the Canadian example and seeing what else they can do as part of this mission, but we appreciate what the Canadians are doing and again, think it sets a good tone for countries that are stepping -- traveling to Brussels for this meeting with the secretary and see what else they can offer," Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said. 

The Canadians currently have about 70 troops on the ground in Northern Iraq, which would be tripled to about 200.