Suicide bombers kill 27 in Afghanistan

Suicide bombers kill 27 in Afghanistan
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Two Taliban suicide bombers in Kabul, Afghanistan, killed 27 and injured 40 people on Thursday, according to Reuters. 

The bombers targeted busses that were carrying recently graduated police cadets. 


Afghan police said the buses were attacked in two waves. The first explosion targeted the police instructors and cadets. As the first responders and civilians gathered to help the wounded, a second bomber drove into the crowd, triggering another explosion. 

Ashraf Ghani, the president of Afghanistan, condemned the bombings.

“While Muslims are busy praying during this holy month of Ramadan, Taliban keep committing reprehensible crimes by killing innocent people and spreading fear and terror." 

This is the second Taliban attack in Kabul in just two weeks. On June 20, a Taliban insurgent killed 14 foreign security contractors that worked for the Canadian Embassy. 

The Taliban are demanding that the Western-backed government in Afghanistan be removed from power.