Hunter wants Congressional medal awarded to slain Benghazi SEALs

“Since they were no longer in uniform, their actions won’t be recognized by the military awards that represent such extraordinary courage and selflessness under fire. The very least Congress can do is rightly honor their bravery and sacrifice.”


Doherty and Woods were private contractors who died defending the U.S. compound in Benghazi. U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and Sean Smith were also killed in the attack.

Woods’s father Charles Woods told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he hoped his son would posthumously receive the award.

“Ty never did these things for recognition, but he deserves it as an inspiration to other people,” he said. “He willingly jeopardized his own life in order to try and save them.”

Hunter’s bill has nine Republican cosponsors. For a Congressional Gold Medal to be awarded, two-thirds of the House and Senate must cosponsor the legislation.