Scores of ISIS fighters killed in Mosul

Scores of ISIS fighters killed in Mosul
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Nearly 100 fighters with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were killed by Iraqi and coalition forces Sunday as the battle for Mosul continues, according to Monday reports.

The 97 militants were killed in three separate incidents, Iraq's Joint Military Command reportedly said in a statement.

In the first, Iraqi forces detonated two car bombs as ISIS fighters were trying to advance near a federal police position south of the city. The bombs killed 21 ISIS fighters, the Iraqi military said.


The second incident happened as ISIS tried to launch attacks on military positions using car bombs and suicide bombers in the neighborhoods of Intisar, al Salam and al Shaimaa' in southeastern Mosul. Iraqi forces killed 51 ISIS fighters, according to the military.

Finally, coalition aircraft carried out airstrikes on an ISIS gathering in al Wahda neighborhood in eastern Mosul, killing 25.

Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, is ISIS’s last urban bastion in the country, and, as expected, they’ve been fighting fiercely to keep it against the ongoing coalition offensive. ISIS has held the city since 2014.

Iraqi, Kurdish Peshmerga, tribal militia and coalition forces launched an offensive in October to retake the city. Iraqi special forces entered the city limits within weeks, but advancement has slowed as the fight has turned into street-by-street urban warfare.

The U.S. military typically does not tout the number of enemy killed, citing a desire to avoid the Vietnam War practice of using "body counts" as misleading measures of success.

Estimates have placed the number of ISIS fighters killed in the two-year anti-ISIS campaign at anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000.