Army moves forward on transgender training

Army moves forward on transgender training
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The Army is preparing to integrate transgender soldiers in the service, despite an indefinite hold on the decision to permit transgender individuals to serve in the armed forces.

The Defense Department is working to meet a July 1 deadline that was determined in an integration timeline last June when it lifted the ban on transgender service. Both the active and reserve forces were intended to open enlistments and commissions this July. 

Members of the Army Reserve and Army National Guard have been told how the transition policy will impact their individual situations, according to the Army Times.


However, the Defense Department has not presented a final policy for transgender individuals and there are some indications from the Trump administration that it may roll back the Obama-era policy allowing transgender service members.

Amid criticism, the Army’s Chief of Public Affairs Malcom Frost tweeted Saturday that "readiness to fight & win in the crucible of ground combat is/will always be @USArmy priority #1." He continued however that the Army is following Defense Department policy and Transgender Service protocols as laid out in the U.S. Military Implementation Handbook, which includes a "pregnant male" guideline.