Haley: I'm not moving to Trump Tower

Haley: I'm not moving to Trump Tower
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U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley promised Wednesday the ambassador’s residence will not move to Trump Tower.

“No, I am not moving to the Trump Tower,” Haley said during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing.

Haley was responding to a question from Rep. Norma Torres (D-Calif.), who expressed concern about the possibility of spending taxpayer money at the flagship building of the Trump Organization.


The New York City residence for the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. used to be at the Waldorf Astoria hotel until a Chinese company bought it in 2015. The residence is now at another hotel closer to U.N. headquarters.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Haley confirmed the move was because of concerns about Chinese spying.

Torres said she was glad the residence moved for the security of the ambassador and other U.S. personnel.

“But I would also like to get further clarity from you regarding the future of the residence since Trump Tower is only a mile away,” she continued. “I want to ensure that you’re not thinking of moving and spending taxpayer dollars at the Trump Tower.”

Haley responded by saying that although she did not choose the current residence, she has no plans to move.

“I did not pick this location, but I will stay in this location until it’s time for me to leave,” she said.

Democrats have repeatedly expressed concern that President Trump has not distanced himself enough from his businesses and continues to profit from them.

Concerns about using taxpayer dollars at Trump Tower previously arose when the Pentagon leased a privately owned apartment in the building so that the nuclear football, among other support, could be near the president if he is there. 

The Pentagon has said the lease negotiations were only with the apartment's owner and that the department is "not aware" of any means by which the president would personally benefit from the lease.