Report: 12 civilians killed daily in Trump’s air war against ISIS

Report: 12 civilians killed daily in Trump’s air war against ISIS
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More than 2,200 civilians appear to have died from U.S.-led coalition strikes in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) since President Trump took office, according to an Airwars investigation for the Daily Beast.

That amounts to 12 or more civilians killed every day, according to the investigation.

That is far higher than the number of civilians Airwars researchers estimated were killed from coalition strikes under former President Obama.


Belkis Wille, Iraq researcher for Human Rights Watch, said families fleeing from ISIS talk of the impacts of the American airstrikes.

“Remarkably, when I interview families at camps who have just fled the fighting, the first thing they complain about is not the three horrific years they spent under ISIS, or the last months of no food or clean water, but the American airstrikes,” Wille said, according to the Daily Beast.

“Many told me that they survived such hardship, and almost made it out with the families, only to lose all their loved ones in a strike before they had time to flee.”

In late March, U.S. Central Command said it was investigating reports that coalition airstrikes killed dozens of civilians in Mosul, Iraq. The announcement followed reports that the strikes may have killed as many as 200 civilians.