'Star Wars' references scrubbed from Defense memo on cloud computing

'Star Wars' references scrubbed from Defense memo on cloud computing
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A memo announcing the Defense Department's multibillion dollar cloud computing initiative was scrapped and reissued over "Star Wars" references made in the original memo.

Bloomberg News reports that the memo, issued last Thursday by Deputy Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan, used "Star Wars" acronyms to name the new cloud computing program.

The memo announced the new “Central Cloud Computing Program Office," or “C3PO,” to “acquire the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) Cloud.”


“C3PO is authorized to obligate funds as necessary in support of the JEDI Cloud,” Shanahan added in the memo.

C3PO is a robot in the space adventure series, while Jedi are the fictional warriors in the "Star Wars" films.

The memo "was issued in error,” Shanahan's spokesman told Bloomberg.

The Defense Department began a new initiative to implement cloud computing in September at Shanahan's directive, according to FCW.com. At the time, Shanahan called such technologies "critical" to maintaining the U.S. military's edge over foreign adversaries.

"While technological modernization has many dimensions, I believe accelerating the DOD's adoption of cloud computing technologies is critical to maintaining our military's technological advantage," Shanahan wrote in a September memo.