US soldier killed in Afghanistan was on 13th overseas deployment

US soldier killed in Afghanistan was on 13th overseas deployment
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The military has identified the U.S. soldier killed in Afghanistan on Monday as Army Command Sgt. Maj. Timothy Bolyard of Thornton, W.Va.

Bolyard, the highest-enlisted soldier for a squadron under a brigade out of Fort Benning, Ga., was on his 13th deployment when he was killed, according to Newsweek. Eight of the deployments were combat deployments.

Bolyard was awarded the Bronze Star on six different occasions, according to the report. Two were given with valor, meaning they were granted for heroic acts in the midst of combat.

Bolyard was killed Monday in what military leaders described as an "apparent insider attack."


Another service member was wounded in the assault, but was reportedly in stable condition.

“The sacrifice of our service member, who volunteered for a mission to Afghanistan to protect his country, is a tragic loss for all who knew and all who will now never know him,” Commanding Gen. Scott Miller said in a statement regarding Bolyard’s death.

Another U.S. service member died in Afghanistan on Tuesday in a “non-combat related incident,” according to the military.

That service member, who is the seventh U.S. soldier to die Afghanistan this year, has not been publicly identified.