Air Force to press Congress to give service members tenant bill of rights: report

The Air Force will reportedly prod Congress to pass a tenant bill of rights for military service members so they have more agency in breaking lease agreements or withholding rent in unsafe or hazardous living situations.

Reuters first reported the Air Force is pushing members of Congress to take up the proposed measure.


The news of the proposed tenant bill of rights comes just days after a report said that more than 50 percent of military families living on U.S. bases found their privately managed housing dissatisfying, including accounts of multiple safety violations.

“Clearly there are areas where we have issues,” David Golden, chief of staff to the secretary of the Air Force, told Reuters.

Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson said the bill of tenant rights would "put a little more leverage into the hands of the renters."

Complaints from families living in privately managed housing included black mold, vermin infestations and lead paint.

The findings came from a survey commissioned by nonpartisan armed services organization Military Family Advisory Network that interviewed nearly 15,000 military families.

Wilson said the Air Force is also working with the Navy and Air Force on the measure.