US-backed forces advance on last piece of ISIS-held territory

US-backed forces advance on last piece of ISIS-held territory
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U.S.-backed forces this weekend advanced on the last piece of Syrian land occupied by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), according to The Associated Press.

The AP reported that Kurdish fighters have worked to recapture an area in Baghouz, a village in eastern Syria. According to the AP, retaking the village would represent a milestone in the effort against the terror group. 


Commanders of the fighters told the news service that "fierce clashes" took place as they moved toward the land. 

The U.S.-backed forces reportedly hit the area with airstrikes and artillery fire, while militants fought back with snipers, suicide bombs and booby traps. Mustafa Bali, a spokesman for the U.S.-backed forces, told the AP that airstrikes had destroyed several car bombs during the fighting.

A commander of the U.S.-backed forces, Abu Ghadab, told the news service that the coalition typically advances at night and ISIS militants attack during the day.

"The night for us and the morning for them,” he said.

Hundreds of ISIS militants are staying inside Baghouz along with some civilians, according to the AP. Most of the militants are reportedly hiding underground in tunnels, the news service added.