Gator found on runway at Florida Air Force base

Gator found on runway at Florida Air Force base
© Facebook: MacDill Air Force Base

Airmen at a Florida Air Force base found an unexpected visitor at the base this week — an alligator lounging on the tarmac.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that personnel at the base used a front-end loader to remove a large alligator which had apparently emerged from a nearby pond. The scaly creature was found on the runway, where it was blocking aircraft from using the landing strip.


The base's office wildlife manager later transported the alligator via bucket from the front end loader safely off the base's property.

A spokesman for the base said that such incidents are common at the Florida location, where large alligators roam free in shallow bodies of water.

The base shared a photo of the incident on Facebook, joking that the large reptile was "preparing for take-off."

The photo comes just months after a Texas mayor went viral for shooting a 12-foot alligator on her ranch, claiming that the shooting was an act of revenge for the animal killing one of her horses years ago.