Air Force delays fitness tests for fifth time due to COVID-19

Air Force delays fitness tests for fifth time due to COVID-19
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The Air Force for the fifth time has delayed physical fitness tests due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the possibility that they could be pushed off yet again.

Fitness tests will resume July 1, but “if necessary, commanders may delay official fitness assessments beyond July 2021 based on the recommendation of local public health officials, the continuation of closed fitness centers and extended statewide restriction of movement and gatherings," according to a March 4 Air Force release.

The service in March 2020 first suspended the tests until the end of May 2020, but later pushed that pause until at least Oct. 1.


Officials hoped to resume testing by January, but the Air Force announced in December that it would postpone physical training tests until April.

“This is the right decision for our Airmen to ensure we are getting after controlling the spread of COVID and ensuring we take the right steps to build a fitness lifestyle in our Air Force, rather than Airmen who can just pass a fitness test,” Air Force Chief Master Sgt. JoAnne Bass wrote on Facebook on Thursday of the latest pause.

When testing resumes, the service will use a new scoring system that includes a 1.5-mile run and one minute of pushups and sit-ups. Additional details on the scoring system will be released in June.