Pentagon briefing question about a stripper and Poland goes viral

Pentagon briefing question about a stripper and Poland goes viral
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A TikTok of a Pentagon briefing question went viral after a reporter asked about an incident where an Army major was allegedly drugged by strippers in Poland.

“OK. One last question. An Army major was reportedly drugged and bitten by strippers in Poland, will that affect the U.S. military's footprint in that country?” a Task & Purpose senior Pentagon reporter asked Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, the TikTok showed.

The reporter was referring to an incident where Maj. Matthew Conner, the executive officer of the 1st Battalion of the 101st Combat Aviation Brigade, alleges that he was drugged and robbed of $50,000 during a night out at an off-limits night club in Poland, Task & Purpose reported.


Conner says the strippers drugged him, bit his nipples to keep him awake and gave him lap dances while swiping his card for each dance. It is unclear if the $50,000 was in Polish or American money.

After laughter erupted in the room, the reporter reiterated, “It is a major story. And it happened in Gdansk.”


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“Jeff, I don't know anything about that story. I'll have a look at it. I am not going to take that question,” Kirby said. The reporter urged him again to answer.


“Jeff, no — no, Jeff. Just let me state clearly that we have a — a strong military relationship with Poland, and we expect to see that continue to grow and to improve. But I don't know anything about this particular item,” Kirby said.

“I could tell. And I could tell he was serious about it,” Kirby said about the question after more laughter ensued. It was the last question Kirby took.

Perhaps another reporter would have phrased the question differently in order to downplay the more unwholesome aspects of the story. But Task & Purpose’s senior Pentagon reporter is a well-known bastard, and he’s just the type of person to play up the seediness of it all,” Task & Purpose said.