Senior Navy official pulls gun on young men outside home

The Navy said Wednesday it is taking the "appropriate action" against a senior Navy official who was captured on video pointing a gun at young men who he says were drunk and making noise outside his home in Virginia last month. 


The official, Karnig Ohannessian, deputy assistant secretary of the Navy for environment, was recorded by one of the young men, whose mother filed a complaint against him.  

"We were made aware of the incident and the video. Mr. Ohannessian's supervisor is taking the appropriate action, to include working to understand the full details of what occurred," the Navy's chief spokesman, Rear Adm. Dawn Cutler, said in a statement. 

In the video, Ohannessian can be heard telling the men to get in their car and that public drunkenness is a crime. Ohannessian also points the gun directly at the men several times, who can be heard taunting him. 

At one point in the video, Ohannessian can be heard saying, "I can shoot the f--- out of you guys right now." 

Ohannessian was briefly taken into custody, but no charges have been filed against him and the investigation remains open, according to CBS News.  

Ohannessian is the recipient of two meritorious civilian service awards, according to CBS News, which first made the Navy aware of the incident.