US F-35 jet crashes on aircraft in South China Sea, seven injured

A U.S. military fighter jet crashed while conducting routine flight operations in the South China Sea on Monday, resulting in seven sailors being injured and some needing to be transported for medical treatment on land.

According to the Navy, an F-35C Lightning II assigned to Carrier Air Wing Two crashed on deck due to a landing mishap. The plane had been conducting flight operations for the USS Carl Vinson.

The pilot of the plane was able to eject safely and was recovered via a military helicopter. They are in stable condition, the Navy says.

Three of the seven injured sailors had to be medevaced to Manila, in the Philippines, to receive treatment, while the four others were treated by medical personnel on board the ship. The three sailors who were taken to Manila were reported to be in stable condition.

Three of the four injured sailors who remained on the ship have been released already. An investigation has been opened to determine the cause of the mishap.

The incident occurred not long after one individual was injured when a Navy Seahawk helicopter had to make a crash landing in coastal Virginia. According to local authorities, one member of the helicopter crew had to be transported to a hospital for minor injuries, but the two pilots were largely unharmed.