Hurt highlights Perriello climate vote ahead of Obama visit

“He doesn't want to talk about his record and the fact that he has stood with Nancy Pelosi 90 percent of the time on ... all of her signature issues and all the president's signature issues, on healthcare, cap-and-trade, and this failed stimulus package that has left Virginia's 5th district with 11,000 jobs fewer than when the bill was originally signed,” Hurt said.

“So in a way, I think it's refreshing to see that he's now embracing the president in this late hour. I think that it shows that he recognizes that his campaign up to this point is not convincing people of his commitment to the people of the 5th district,” Hurt added.

Perriello voted for the sweeping climate and energy bill that narrow passed in 2009 and has strongly defended the measure at a time when Republicans have made attacks on cap-and-trade a campaign-trail staple.