GOP won't shut down government to block EPA climate rules

The language would stipulate that none of the funds appropriated in the government funding resolution could be used to “promulgate the rules or enforce the rules for greenhouse gases,” Simpson said.

Simpson stressed however, that Republicans have no plans to shut down the government over the issue of blocking EPA rules, noting that lawmakers like Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) are pursuing separate legislation to eliminate the agency’s climate authority.

“Nobody wants the government to be shut down. I don’t think we would allow the government to be shut down over this issue because there’s a lot of different ways to attack it,” Simpson said. “Like I said, Upton’s committee is working on separate legislation to do that.”

The language in the government spending bill would prevent the EPA from using the funds to implement its pending climate change rules through the end of the year, while Upton is readying his bill to permanently remove the agency’s authority.

“If it’s done here, it would prevent them from enacting the greenhouse gas regulations through this CR while Upton’s committee is doing its job and trying to get this passed,” Simpson said.

The government spending bill will make wide-ranging cuts EPA and Energy Department Budgets. But, Simpson noted, the Interior Department will get additional money to hire inspectors and reorganize the agency’s offshore drilling oversight arm.