Billionaire Keystone foe to run ad during Obama’s Leno visit

{mosads}“We want to reinforce what President Obama has been saying – the Keystone pipeline will not bring the jobs or economic benefits that TransCanada touts in its lobbying propaganda. And it certainly fails the President’s test of not contributing significantly to harmful emissions,” Steyer said in a statement.

The ad parodies TransCanada Corp. CEO Russ Girling. It can be seen here.

The spot alleges the pipeline would do nothing to help the U.S. economically and that it would be provide resources that get exported to China rather than aiding the U.S.

Oil Sands Fact Check, an industry- and business-backed group that supports the pipeline, criticized the claims in the new ad.

“The facts behind Keystone XL — that it will support tens of thousands of jobs, spur economic growth and put us on the path to energy security — are so obvious that all opponents are left with is perpetrating fictitious claims,” said Katie Brown, a spokeswoman for the group.

“How could increasing our imports from our politically stable neighbor and ally, rather than from unstable regions of the world, give us higher prices?,” she said in disputing the ad’s claim that the pipeline would increase oil prices.

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