News bites: UN climate deal wavering, oil lobby to challenge export ban, and more

Reuters reports United Nations climate change negotiations next week could reveal that negotiators are scaling back the scope of a hoped-for 2015 climate change accord.

"Emerging economies such as China and India, heavily reliant on cheap, high-polluting coal to end poverty, are reluctant to take the lead despite rising emissions and pollution that are choking cities."

Bloomberg unwraps a decades-old export ban on U.S. oil as one of the largest oil-and-gas lobby groups plans to challenge it.

The New York Times reports mixed results for measures on hydraulic fracturing and oil-and-gas drilling that made its way to ballots in Ohio and Colorado on Tuesday.

AP reports Tesla shares dropped 12 percent in trading after the electric vehicle maker's results fell in the third quarter, coming in lower than expectations.

The Washington Post dives into researchers' latest tactics of crowdsourcing data on polar bears.