Embattled administration touts oil milestone

The Obama administration is seizing on a crude oil milestone as it seeks to weather the storm over ObamaCare.

President Obama's apology for the botched rollout of Obamacare has dominated the news, but press secretary Jay Carney is trying to drive the conversation toward domestic crude oil production, which has surpassed foreign imports for the first time in nearly 20 years.

It started with the announcement on Wednesday by the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration. The administration credited its energy policies for the surge in oil production.

"This milestone is a result of both increased production and administration policies, like increased fuel economy standards, that cut oil consumption, cut carbon pollution and cut consumer bills," Carney said on Wednesday.

Since, the White House has used the same line in blog post and tweets to remind lawmakers and the public that under Obama "the economy has grown even as we've reduced carbon pollution."

On Thursday, the administration posted a recap of the crude oil numbers on the White House blog, touting the news as "something big happened last last month."

It is the first time since 1995 that domestic crude production topped the amount of foreign oil imports.


The blog post capitalized on it, touting its push for biofuels, and carbon pollution standards as catalysts for an energy independent U.S.

"And here's the kicker," the White House blog says, "President Obama's Climate Action Plan continues to spark innovation in this field."

The blog post encourages readers to pass along the "great news."

Overshadowed as the House passed a "keep your plan" Obamacare bill, which 39 Democrats voted for, the White House twitter account chugged along on Friday with data on the October milestone.