Conservative group to lawmakers: Your fracking vote counts

House GOP legislation to thwart federal oil-and-gas “fracking” regulations is unlikely to advance beyond the lower chamber, but it could still be politically relevant for any Republican lawmakers who might be on the fence.

Heritage Action, an influential conservative political group, said Tuesday that lawmakers’ votes on the bill this week will be a “key vote” that’s included in their rankings of members.


“H.R. 2728 would maintain the states’ ability to regulate fracking, which they have effectively done for decades, without burdensome, excessive, and costly federal regulation,” said Heritage Action, the political arm of the Heritage Foundation.

The measure is expected to clear the House this week with support from Republicans and some conservative Democrats. But it is unlikely to advance in the Senate and faces a White House veto threat.

UPDATE: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is also making the bill a "key vote."

The powerful business group calls the planned federal regulations a threat to jobs and increased competitiveness in manufacturing that the shale energy boom has enabled.

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