Ad hits big oil on fuel mandate

The liberal group Americans United for Change will launch an ad in Iowa blasting the oil industry for its stance on the administration's proposed renewable fuel mandate.


Representatives of the oil industry and biofuel supporters will voice their concerns at a public hearing on Thursday over the Environmental Protection Agency's 2014 levels for the amount of ethanol and other biofuels that must be mixed into the nation's fuel supply.

The group says it plans to divert attention elsewhere with its hefty new ad buy titled, "Simple Choice," which will air on Thursday.

Aimed at farmers, ethanol industry workers, and others, the ad will run primarily in the Des Moines market.

"It's a pretty simple choice: Small towns, or big oil," says the narrator of the 30-second spot.

"Tell the EPA to stand with Iowa farmers and small towns, not big oil.

"Tell the EPA don't gut the Renewable Fuel Standard," it adds.