Alberta premier to challenge Gore on oil sands 'myths'

Alberta Premier Alison Redford said she wants to clear things up with Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreWho's painting the country red? Must be Trump For 2020, Democrats are lookin’ for somebody to love Key Colorado House committee passes bill to decide presidential elections by popular vote, not Electoral college MORE over his claims that the province's oil sands are one of the dirtiest sources of fuel.

On a call with Alberta reporters Monday, Reford said she will set the record straight with the former U.S. vice president when she sees him at the World Economic Forum in Davos later this week, according to the Calgary Herald.


Alberta's oil sands have become a target for environmentalists like Gore as it is the driver behind projects like the Keystone XL pipeline -- which would carry crude from the oil sands to Gulf refineries.

"I will do what I always do, which is to talk about Alberta’s record and to give him the facts and to suggest that as he draws conclusions which are erroneous with respect to the oil sands, that he take into account the reality of the production — and not the myths of the production," Redford said.

Redford and Keystone XL backers say claims that the oil sands are heavy carbon emitters isn't accurate.

"It's difficult to continue to put forward a case, I think at the end of the day, when you don't have science on your side and when you're providing information to people that is inaccurate and eventually, it all comes home to settle," Redford said.

"I don't really care who's saying it, we can't have people out there spreading myths," she added.

In one of his attacks on the oil sands, Redford said, Gore faulted Canada for "the reckless spewing of pollution into the earth's atmosphere as if it's an open sewer."

Gore will present on the future of climate regulations and its impact on businesses during a private discussion session at the forum in Davos on Thursday.

Redford is a guest of the private panel.