Canadian PM: Keystone XL 'inevitable'

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says building the Keystone XL pipeline is "inevitable" as the history and economics of a U.S.-Canadian relationship outlast a presidency.

In an interview with Bloomberg News, Harper said economic forces determine whether projects like Keystone go through, not fleeting political calculations.


"It is, in my judgment, a necessary and inevitable victory,” Harper said in a Jan. 16 interview before the State Department dropped its final environmental impact review. “I absolutely believe that. I can’t see how it will be otherwise."

Harper will get a chance to talk about the controversial TransCanada project with President Obama on Feb. 19, during a meeting that will also include Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.

Lawmakers advocating for the $5.4 billion project have put some weight on the meeting, saying it may push Obama to set a hard timeline for making a decision.

Sen. John HoevenJohn Henry HoevenMcConnell about to school Trump on political power for the last time Senate GOP opposition grows to objecting to Electoral College results Man charged with criminal mischief for allegedly vandalizing senator's office with ax MORE (R-N.D.) is hoping the meeting will speed along a decision from the administration, which is currently conducting its national interest review of the pipeline.

But Harper doesn't seem worried.

“It takes a lot of energy to repress and to block a decision that is clearly and overwhelmingly in the national interest of the country,” he said.