Melting snow, puddles affecting Winter Games

Unusually warm temperatures are making things difficult for athletes competing in the Winter Olympics.

Temperatures in Sochi, Russia, reached 61 degrees Fahrenheit, or 16 degrees celsius on Monday, which prompted skiers to stuff snow into their racing suits in order to cool down, the Associated Press reports. Other skiers landed in puddles during some events.


Organizers of the Games warned temperatures may keep rising later in the week. On Thursday, it could reach 63 degrees in Sochi.

In Krasnaya Polyana, where the outdoor events are being held, it is a similar situation as temperatures are significantly above freezing.

"It was pretty warm snow and I don't think I adapted to it well," said U.S. skier Stacey Cook, who missed a gate in the slalom leg of the super-combined, AP reports.

"It slides under your ski more."

Organizers canceled the first of three jumps at the RusSki Gorki Jumping Center due to softened snow in the landing area caused by warmer temperatures.

A study released late last month factored climate change issues into the mix when determining what cities might be future hosts of the Olympic Winter Games.

The study found that Sochi would not make the cut under a low greenhouse gas emissions scenario for 2050.