Romney’s new attack on Gingrich brings in Pelosi

“When Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreGOP becoming a cult of know-nothings Man seen with Pelosi lectern on Jan. 6 pleads guilty Judge says Gore, unlike Trump, 'was a man' and accepted election loss MORE needed support for his liberal global warming agenda, he turned to his friend Nancy Pelosi to push job-killing climate-change legislation. When Pelosi wasn’t enough, Newt Gingrich gave his support,” Romney’s new video states.

It adds: “Pelosi and Gingrich promoted Al Gore’s liberal global warming agenda. With friends like Newt, who needs the left?”


The Romney video shows portions of the ad cut in 2008 on behalf of Gore’s nonprofit Alliance for Climate Protection (now renamed the Climate Reality Project).

It featured Pelosi and Gingrich on a sofa together in front of the Capitol calling for action on climate.

The 2008 spot doesn’t call for any specific policies.

The following year, Pelosi shepherded a major cap-and-trade and energy bill through the House, only to see climate legislation collapse in the Senate in 2010.

Gingrich in 2007 endorsed the idea of emissions caps combined with a trading system, but later testified against the sweeping plan that House Democrats pushed through in 2009.

Gingrich has also repeatedly repudiated the ad with Pelosi while on the stump this year. That is probably the dumbest single thing Ive done in recent years,” he said in November.

Romney’s new video seeks to tap into the opposition among many conservatives to greenhouse gas limits.

It also comes at a time when many Republicans question the view of the vast majority of scientists that the planet is warming and human activities are a key reason why.

The video is part of Romney’s wider effort to cast Gingrich as an “unreliable” conservative.

But Romney is vulnerable to the same allegations on climate and other issues. 

As Massachusetts governor, he initially backed creation of a regional cap-and-trade system for power plants among Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, but backed away before the program launched.

His successor, Gov. Deval Patrick (D), signed Massachusetts up for the ongoing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Both Romney and Gingrich have also softened their agreement with the dominant scientific views on human-induced climate change. More on that here and here.

Gingrich’s campaign could not immediately be reached for comment Wednesday morning.

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