Mexico, China led on climate action in 2013

Mexico and China made the most progress last year on climate change laws, according to a study by GLOBE International.

Out of 66 countries listed, 62 have passed or are working on "significant climate or energy-related laws, Bloomberg reports. The U.S. was included in report, noting that "dedicated climate change legislation remains politically challenging."


The nations studied make up 88 percent of world emissions of greenhouse gases, making domestic action critical in establishing an international agreement to fight global warming, said Caroline Spelman, a former United Kingdom environment secretary.

"The climate-change negotiations have been mired down because of the difficulties of getting 194 countries to agree," Spelman said.

“You’ve got to have sufficient enough countries passing national legislation in order to get some traction” for a global deal.

The U.K. and the U.S. are set to work with countries across the globe to reach such a deal at the Paris climate talks in 2015.