Renewable fuel ads target oil industry

A group supporting renewable fuels is launching an ad campaign accusing the oil industry of “rigging the system” to stifle competition from renewable fuels.

Fuels America, a project of the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) and other organizations, launched the “Oil Rigged” campaign Tuesday, saying the oil industry has lobbied to protect its own profits by stifling renewable fuels.


The first television ad in the campaign says the oil industry made $93 billion last year, or $177,000 per minute.

“Now they’re spending it to rig the system against you, pushing Washington to cut American-made biofuels, bullying gas stations to use more of their oil, all so they get richer and you pay more,” a voiceover says in the ad.

The ad encourages policymakers to protect the renewable fuel standard, which requires that a certain volume of renewable fuels be blended into gasoline and diesel each year.

The Environmental Protection Agency proposed last year to reduce levels under the standard, but Fuels America’s campaign does not specifically ask for a higher mandate than the one proposed.

Fuels America said the campaign’s ads will air for at least two weeks on cable television and some digital advertising.