Exxon CEO: Russia not hurt by US energy sanctions


U.S. sanctions on Russian energy executives appear to be having no effect, according to the CEO of ExxonMobil.

Exxon's CEO, Rex Tillerson, said he is skeptical of the sanctions and has voiced his concern with U.S. officials, The Associated Press reported.


After Exxon's annual meeting Wednesday, Tillerson said its "business as usual" between Exxon and Russian oil giants like Rosneft.

During the last round of sanctions on Russia due to its annexation of Crimea, the U.S. targeted the CEO of Rosneft, Russia's largest oil company.

"There has been no impact on any of our business activities in Russia to this point, nor has there been any discernible impact on the relationship" with Rosneft, Tillerson told reporters.

Tillerson said he typically opposes sanctions for being imprecise and ineffective, an assertion he hasn't shied away from telling U.S. officials.

"Our views are being heard at the highest levels," he said.