Oscar-nominated director arrested at House hearing

Rep. Brad Miller (D-N.C.) called for a vote on a motion to permit the camera crews to continue filming the hearing, but Republicans tabled the motion. Fox was then arrested by Capitol Police for refusing to leave the hearing.

"The individual removed was not accredited by the House Radio and TV Gallery and had refused to turn off his camera upon request by capitol police," a Republican committee spokesman said in a statement, referring to Fox.

Miller, in a short interview with The Hill, criticized Republicans for objecting to the video crews.

"Most members kind of like having press, it’s fairly unusual to lead somebody away in handcuffs like that," he said.

Fox’s documentary, “Gasland,” takes a critical look at fracking, a drilling techniques that uses water, sand and chemicals to gain access to valuable natural-gas supplies buried in rock formations. The film was nominated for best documentary last year.

Environmental groups and other fracking opponents have long raised concerns that the drilling practice could cause groundwater pollution. But industry groups have aggressively defended the practice, arguing it is safe.

Wednesday’s hearing focused on an Environmental Protection Agency draft study that that concluded that fracking likely led to groundwater contamination in Pavillion, Wyo.

Republicans and industry officials have taken aim at the study, calling it inaccurate.

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