Japan applauds US climate rule


Japan called President Obama's proposal to limit carbon emissions from power plants a bold step toward fighting climate change.

“There are many states that are dependent on coal power,” Japan's environment minister, Nobuteru Ishihara, said at a news conference in Tokyo after the U.S. unveiled its plan, according to Bloomberg News. “We hope the U.S. will make progress toward the [Environmental Protection Agency] targets.”


The EPA proposal called for power plants across the U.S. to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions 30 percent by 2030.

In contrast to the U.S. proposal, which is seen as the most comprehensive step the country has taken to mitigate climate change, Japan scaled back its own reduction targets for greenhouse gas emissions in November.

Experts are hopeful that the administration's proposal on carbon emissions will help encourage other countries to take key steps toward reduction ahead of the Paris climate talks next year.