OVERNIGHT ENERGY: WH climate adviser briefs Senate Dems

CLIMATE RULE: Only one day after the administration unveiled its signature climate change rule, President Obama's upper brass headed to Capitol Hill to promote it.

White House adviser John Podesta and chief of staff Denis McDonough joined Senate Democrats for lunch Tuesday.


Podesta told reporters after the lunch that they talked about climate change and the new EPA rules. The meeting was to lay out the general framework of the new standards for lawmakers, he said.

The rules seek to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants 30 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

Read about the meeting here, and check The Hill tomorrow for more about the administration's efforts to shore up support for the new standards.


ON TAP WEDNESDAY I: The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will hold a hearing Wednesday on what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has done since Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. The commission formed a task force after the disaster to issue recommendations to improve safety, and Wednesday’s hearing will focus on the actions to implement those proposals.

All five of NRC’s commissioners will appear at the hearing.

ON TAP WEDNESDAY II: The Society for International Development is hosting a forum Wednesday with industry leaders and experts about the opportunities and challenges facing geothermal energy in the developing world.


Climate offense ... EPA chief Gina McCarthy took to Reddit to answer questions from the public about the new carbon limits on existing power plants Tuesday evening. She stressed again, and again that states will have the flexibility they need, a claim the GOP is calling false.

"The proposed plan gives the state the flexibility to design a plan that works for them. We’ll be working closely with folks in West Virginia to make sure they understand what their goal is and the full range of options available. EPA cares about the health and economy of every community in this country," McCarthy wrote.

She had a little fun too, and told the world Marge is her favorite Simpson, and that she is a more of a Marvin Gaye fan, than a rap, hip hop kind of gal.

When asked if a zombie apocalypse were probable, McCarthy said "probably a better question for the CDC [Centers for Disease Control]."


The International Energy Agency said the world should be investing $2 trillion annually in renewable energy in order to limit global warming, but it’s currently only at $1.6 trillion, the Guardian reports.

Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who has pushed to repeal that country’s carbon tax, said he supporters President Obama’s carbon pollution limits for power plants, the Associated Press reports.

Kentucky’s mining safety agency is cutting about more than a third of its staff after the legislature reduced its budget, the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.


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