Oil industry launches new recruiting campaign

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has launched a new recruiting website to try to attract workers to the booming oil and gas industry in the United States.

The API predicts that the oil and gas industry will need 1.3 million new workers by 2030, and job growth has been 40 times higher than the rest of the economy.


“The rapid expansion of energy production in our country has created hundreds of thousands of job opportunities at a level of pay significantly higher than the national average,” John Modine, the trade association's vice president of industry servers, told reporters Thursday.

“Our goal is to create a resource to help meet our nation’s ever-growing need for a workforce that can help us realize our energy potential for the future,” he said.

The website is written in both English and Spanish, and the API said it builds on the industry’s existing recruiting initiatives that work with veterans’ groups, labor unions, the African American and Hispanic communities, and colleges and universities.