All of California under ‘severe’ drought status

Drought conditions in California have gotten worse in the last week, with the entire state now under a “severe” drought, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Almost 33 percent of California, mostly in the central part of the state, now faces “exceptional” drought conditions, the Los Angeles Times said, citing a Thursday NWS report. That has increased from 25 percent last week.


One year ago, no part of the state was under any drought conditions.

Much of California is under water conservation restrictions because of the droughts, the Times said. It is due largely to historically dry weather this winter and low snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

A recent poll sponsored by the Times and USC Dornsife found that most Californians saw little or no impact on their daily lives from the drought. Most respondents opposed suspending environmental protections or spending large amounts of money to increase water supplies, the Times said.