Gingrich calls energy key to reviving candidacy

Gingrich, who accuses President Obama of pursuing an "anti-American" energy policy, and other Republicans say White House energy decisions are hurting consumers at the pump.

Prices are rising fast and are currently averaging $3.58 per gallon for regular grades nationwide, according to AAA.

Gingrich vows that if elected, he would massively expand areas made available for oil-and-gas drilling, approve the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline, roll back environmental regulations and take other steps he argues will ease costs.

However, policymakers have few options, especially in the near term, to temper pump prices that are largely tethered to oil prices set on global markets.

President Obama is striking back against claims that he’s to blame for rising pump prices.

He’s emphasizing increases in domestic oil production in recent years, plans to expand offshore oil-and-gas leasing (albeit far more modestly than Republicans want) and auto mileage rules that will save consumers money on gas costs.

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